Tara Kennedy

After studying Fashion and Textiles at Berkshire College of Art and Design I went on to run my own textile and craft business for twenty years. Wanting a change of direction, I decided to study for a BA in Fine Art and Textiles with the Open College of the Arts. This ignited a change in my work, which started to develop and become more sculptural. I then went on to complete an MA in Textiles at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, where my work completely evolved. It now focuses on subjects that concern me and aims to convey a message. I am now exploring new concepts within my work, creating site-specific art, commissioned artwork and collaborating with other artists.
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My textile work started from a need to express the unity of my mixed cultural heritage. The despair I feel of different cultures and religions suffering in conflict drives me to express important messages of acceptance, empathy and hope. Through understanding these messages there could be more harmonious outcomes. 

My work is about creating expressions of unity and hope emerging from this pain. The context leaves an impression on the viewer, leaving them to contemplate and consider. 

A mixture of materials are used including yarns, threads and fabrics, chosen for their soft tactile quality. My techniques involve knitting, stitch, wrapping, felting and knotting with which various forms are constructed, including soft sculptures and hangings. Detailed drawings sit alongside as a contrasting medium creating an alternative view.

My practice as an artist is continually evolving and I plan to explore many other concerning themes.