Oliver Olsen

My final project for my masters was based on repeat pattern, I wanted to investigate the way light and space interact with materials and create a unique sculpture that would intrigue viewers. I experimented with a wide range of materials including wood, plastics and metal. Through rigorous testing and experimenting I developed my unique wave tile that creates my sculpture called Perception. The sculpture Perception was completely handcrafted by myself, using industrial design processes and skills. I was then able to visualise and render models virtually before I constructed the final piece. The structure is designed to create a sense of engagement and understanding while challenging the nature of perceptions. Viewers are encouraged to walk around the sculpture to see the dynamic effects of light reflect off the glistening tiles. I am currently now working as an Artist in Residence at the University for the Creative arts in Farnham. I am taking individual and commercial commissions and I am open to working with different materials, industries and environments. I wish to continue developing unique and beautiful products that people find inspiring.
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Design has always been a passion of mine. At school I loved design and had fun working with wood and metal. Working with more industrial processes at university, coupled with time spent in industry, has given me a sound understanding of manufacturing, prototyping and production. It is this understanding that has allowed me to develop a more conceptual approach to my craft. Now I’m interested in pattern and perception and all my work has meaning and a purpose. I investigate spaces and deliver unique solutions that develop calm, understanding and unity. 

I have worked with a wide range of materials, though my current focus is on aluminium, a material I love for its robustness and outstanding aesthetic qualities. It is a material that can truly stand the test of time, with the significant benefit that it does not degrade when recycled, meaning its lifespan is unlimited. My approach is to explore the function and properties of whatever material I am using through computer-aided modelling, testing and prototyping. As a designer it is my view that a more tactile understanding of a material is needed before you and truly understand it. 

There are two artists who inspire me the most deeply. I find Antony Gormley’s Another Place (figures on the beach) truly beautiful and my ambition is to develop something that delivers such wonder to spectators. The other is the designer Giles Miller whose work with surface design is second to none. He uses repeat pattern in such an engaging way that he turns a single tile into a masterpiece of pattern and texture. 

I am currently taking commissions. Please contact me via phone or email to discuss ideas or projects.