Manuela Kagerbauer

I am a Designer, Maker and conceptual artist.
I have spent most of my life experimenting with materials, trying to find the ones that can truly express and translate my inspiration. I have finally discovered them in metal and glass. I love the mouldability of metal and the fragility of glass. I enjoy exploring the possibilities of both materials, pushing the boundaries of what is technically achievable. The interaction between the viewer and the object is very important to me. I want my work to be an experience!
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I am representing the early symptoms of Macular Degeneration which is a visual impairment. I am inspired by the distortion and movement a person with Macular Degeneration experiences. Using my knowledge of jewellery making, digital media, glass and metal on a scale I challenge the visual perception of jewellery exclusively as a wearable object and blur the line between jewellery, sculpture and art.
I have been working with optical illusions, Op Art and patterns symptomatic of early stage Macular Degeneration. These animate my abstract installation and engage spectators, inducing confusion and suggest movement.

I make visually stimulating and immersive installations, sculptural and conceptual jewellery and objects.