Kate Lucy Cottam

My work is about colour and visual perception. I am investigating colour through the use of woven textiles and paper weaving, and aim to evoke a sensitive kind of seeing through this medium. I work towards an outcome that is ambiguous in nature; one that allows the viewer to negotiate and discover a personal happening on the visual senses. I use fine textile fibres and subtle weave structures that react to light changes and create atmospheric nuance. My woven pieces are developed from deconstructed magazine images which are then woven together, making two images one, the obvious ambiguous and meaning is in flux.
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I am a textile artist and designer who specialises in hand weaving. I graduated from Falmouth University in 2013. Whilst in my final year there, I won first prize in the Bradford Textile Society Clothworkers' Foundation Award for a woven fabric for fashion and have since finished my masters in Textiles at UCA Farnham. I have worked freelance as a woven textile designer and sold samples to companies such as Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis, as well as run and taken an active role in local arts and crafts workshops and events.

My woven collections and one-off art pieces are delicate and intricate; they convey mood and subtlety through the use of colour, structure and choice of yarn.

I welcome collaboration and enjoy exploring new ways of working and sharing and learning new skills.

I am currently taking commissions. Please contact me via phone or email to discuss ideas or projects.