Delia Salter

My ongoing practice is concerned with expressing a personal connection to the land. I walk on ancient paths and simultaneously record the experience using cloth and stitch. Through various processes including dyeing with plants I aim to make art that engages the viewer and allows them to contemplate and connect with their own perceptions of the land. Walk and Stitch on the Ridgeway documents a 10-mile walk along this thousand-year old track during 2018. Marks stitched here represent what was seen, heard and experienced, different weathers and surfaces walked on. Other Walk and Stitch works record walks made elsewhere often locally.

The Thinning Cloths, a series of textile pieces made from silk viscose and dyed with plant dyes highlight the current decline of wildlife species in the UK. The images of birds and insects have been ‘thinned’ by means of devoré (a process that burns out one layer of cloth) to expose the rapidly worsening situation in our natural world.

A series of small framed works called Close to the Ground using plant-dyed cloth and threads connect to my detailed observations of plant growth and how they are affected by location and weather. Touching and twisting the threads recalls, for me, both the discovery of the characteristics of the plant in question and the physicality of working to extract the dye.
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I have worked with textiles for many years. During my recent MA at UCA Farnham I concentrated on developing a very personal response to my place in the land and I aim to continue investigating this concept by stitching on location using colours taken from local plants to create site-specific work. Work related to environmental matters will also continue.