Kendall Clarke
My work is concept-led but is also driven by experimentation with materials. Making by hand allows me time to explore and develop an idea fully, and suggests alternative and new directions in the process. My work is informed by a subtle aesthetic, influenced by the simple beauty of traditional and contemporary Japanese crafts. I use weave to create a cloth that has structural complexity, and use print, mark-making and other techniques to add layers – to leave things partially glimpsed, hinting at what lies beneath. I like the combination of the contrasting aspects (ordered and intuitive) of each discipline. I am fascinated by written as well as visual language, particularly the unreliable nature of language and the consequent instability of interpretation and meaning. I’m also interested in the way the passage of time, through effacement and erosion, further complicates this and frustrates our attempts at understanding.
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Graptolites scroll.jpg
Hieratic Letter.JPG
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