Jo Lally
My practice is concerned with stories told through jewellery, inspired by various different forms of visual narrative. It exploits the tensions between word and image, between jewellery and body and between artwork and audience. As you explore the ‘Private View’ with three silver 'audience members', hear their opinions, and engage with their narratives, your reactions will become part of the art work. This particular story questions how we (sometimes fail to) communicate the more obscure aspects of art to willing viewers
Big woman 72.jpg
Big woman and swirl 72.jpg
But is it jewellery 72.jpg
Go on - you deserve it.jpg
Is that part of the art - necklace.jpg
Is that part of the art 72.jpg
man with bottle 72.jpg
Precious concrete - brooches installation.jpg
small woman 72.jpg
Small woman and speech 72.jpg
swirl 2 72.jpg
Swirl 72.jpg
Unburdened joyful dancing - necklace.jpg
where's the bar - two brooches.jpg