Delia Salter
My current practice is concerned with expressing a personal connection to the land. I walk on ancient paths and simultaneously record the experience using cloth and stitch. Through various processes, which include print, stitch and natural dyeing, I aim to make art that engages the viewer and allows them to contemplate and connect with their own perceptions of the land. I will be showing the completed work, Walk and Stitch on the Ridgeway plus a selection from The Thinning Cloths, a series of textile pieces that highlight the decline of wildlilfe species in the UK.
Cloth on the Ridgeway path 300dpi.jpg
Delia Salter Walk and Stitch, The Ridgeway 2 300dpi.jpg
IAMGE 1.png
Delia Salter The Thinning Cloths 1 300dpi.jpg
Delia Salter The Thinning Cloths 1 detail 300dpi.jpg