Ann Downey
Glass Bird - I have decided to make this bird mainly transparent, with a little colour fading towards the head of the bird. When the viewer looks at their surrounding environment through the partially transparent glass, their surrounding area becomes unclear. This communicates the reality of extinction within their local nature as it is unclear how the consequences of our modern lifestyle will affect our wildlife within the foreseeable future. Furthermore, as the colour travels through the sculpture it will fade into transparency, symbolising the journey, a species takes when heading for extinction. Wooden & Glass Bird – A large section of the bird’s body is made from wood. The rings on the wood highlight the trees natural growth cycle. The idea of the life cycle highlights the fragility of the wood as a material that can deteriorate over time. This is placed in contrast to the rigid, non-organic and human-made material of glass. The combination between the two materials, glass being man-made and wood being organic, highlights the differences between the two. Nature is forever evolving, keeping a balance between life and death. This is represented by utilizing the temporary material of wood. However, human life is permanent and tends to unbalance this relationship, this is symbolised using glass, a material that can not decay. One major consequence to this unbalance, is the extinction of animal species.